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The edwardthomasnotes.co.uk website is owned and operated by Great War Literature Publishing LLP, renowned for producing high quality study guide resources, supporting both GCSE and A-Level, on First World War literature.

This website provides detailed analysis on selected poems and a biography.

This website is one of several specially created, by Great War Literature, to provide easy access to specific study guide resources in a cost-effective format, wherever, whenever and on whatever you want. Using the latest html and style sheets, this optimised website is enabled for access by a host of different devices – Desktops, tablets, smartphones – Windows, Mac and Android – all using a standard web browser of choice*.

We have introduced our “Pay-per-View” service to make access to the Notes more flexible. Customers no longer need to acquire content that is not required, or at least at a particular point in time. User can access specific content when they need it, at a location of choice, using a preferred device. Payment is quick, simple and secure, via PayPal, using a debit or credit card, or if you prefer, a PayPal account. Once payment has been completed, in usually 60-90 seconds, you are redirected back to the Notes you wish to access. You then have 24 hours to read the content purchased. The notes can be printed from the browser, if required, for personal use after the viewing period.

Great War Literature Publishing LLP was established nearly ten years ago and is a recognised publisher of academic content on First World Literature.

Great War Literature is also the owner of several imprints that cover Arts and general fiction titles from both new and established authors.

*The latest versions of all common web browser applications are supported.